Texturing drywall is usually overlooked until it is time to undergo a renovation or make a repair. At first glance, it might appear to be unnecessary and intended to become solely and beautification features of your property. However, a textured wall could actually provide several benefits that you want to take a look at before deciding to skip this job and immediately start painting. Below are some of the facts about texturing, what purpose it serves for your home wall, and different means of completing the texturing jobs. 

Reasons to texture your walls 

Texturing is a method of applying a grained texture to your drywall the moment it is hung so that you can get a more appealing and dynamic look. Also, texturing can hide wall imperfections. Once the wall it totally smoothened out, even the smallest dirt or blemish could see-through, which makes it dirty to look at eventually. Moreover, texturing your walls could provide you more control over the feel and look of your home’s rooms and it can help you save time in repairing. 

Various ways of texturing drywall 

There are a lot of various methods in terms of applying a texture to the walls. You could texture your walls using paint or drywall compound. Also, there are a lot of various methods and tools you could utilize to get the best look. 

Textured wall using drywall compound 

This method uses mud or drywall compound to texturize a wall. This could lead to some kind of a stucco look and it’s very simple to do. Also, you could utilize a drywall knife or a trowel to apply the drywall compound. Then, you need to even out the texture by dabbing it using a sponge.  

Textured wall using paint 

Similar to the drywall compound, textured paint functions well. However, it is a bit forgiving because they are more stubborn to be eliminated. You will have to apply more precision the moment you try to decide to use the paint method. You could texturize walls with paint using a brush and paint roller. 

Textured walls using a machine 

Since technology has been emerging nowadays, you can actually utilize mechanized texture guns and sprayers to apply more evenly and to help you save time. Though this option will cost you more than the traditional methods, they pay off for much of your labor, time, and natural rooms of error while performing this. 

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