In terms of minimizing storm damage due to severe winds, preventative tree care is a must. After an extreme storm, you might see trees that fail on the streets or your lawn. This could be due to a lack of proper tree maintenance and pruning. If that is the case, it makes them particularly dangerous to the people near the vicinity and the property, as well. Below are some of the techniques to prevent tree failing and the warning signs of tree damage after a storm: 

 Canopy density 

One of the major things you must watch out for to prevent tree failure is the density of your canopy. A dense canopy can usually catch the wind once a storm happens, which causes an effect of the wind sail. Though it is quite usual for a tree to slightly bend with the wind, a dense canopy causes a tree to bend even more than the usual that can cause total tree failure or breakage. 

Windsail reduction and preventative pruning 

Windsail Reduction works to minimize the wind resistance in the canopy of a tree. This is one of the most effective tree care services that prevent damage. An expert arborist could minimize the windsail effect by carefully eliminating branches all over the tree’s crown. This procedure helps to increase wind passage and penetration through a tree. Consequently, a tree will less likely fail or bend once an extreme storm or heavy wind passes through your area.  

But, to have to bear in mind that windsail reduction and pruning should not be a DIY task. Pruning your trees wrongly could eventually lead to irreversible and costly damage to your landscape and trees. This is why it is really essential to employ a certified arborist who is experienced when it comes to the techniques of tree care and one who is knowledgeable in terms of arboriculture to guarantee great outcomes and service. 

Depending on the tree’s density, location, and overall health, a windsail reduction can possibly eliminate nearly 10 up to 20 percent of foliage and branches of a tree. On a grander scale, you can also opt for other preventative tree care services to avoid possible damage due to extreme weather conditions. These include the removal of deadwood and mature trees with less foliage.  

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