There are several methods to clean your window screens contingent to the extremeness of the dirt and grime. However, it is vital to clean all your door screens and window screens thoroughly at least once every year. Here are some of the simple ways to do this: 

Lint rollers 

You can try using a lint roller if you think your door and window screens aren’t too dirty. You could get rid of loose dust and dirt without the hassle of removing the screen. To easily clean through small crevices, you can use a smaller lint roller. 

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 

Try using a magic eraser if a lint roller cannot fully get the dirt and dust from your screens. You only need to wet the foam and start to lightly scrub the screen. Be careful to not damage or stretch it as you to this. It is highly suggested to buy an eraser with extra strength since it could endure lengthy scrubbing, particularly on rougher parts. You could also do this job without screen detachment. 


Perhaps the simplest means of removing loose grime and dirt is by using a vacuum. Make sure to utilize a soft bristle attachment so that you won’t stretch or damage your screens. Do this every month to make things clean and nice. 

Vinegar bath and soapy water 

It would be great to rinse your screens, especially if they have layered and stubborn grime. This is best performed during a hot day when your screens could be left outside to be dried up after washing them.  

Pressure washing 

If your screens cannot be detached, pressure washing would be the best option for you. If you do this, make sure to choose the lowest setting of the intensity. If your pressure washer does not have this feature, you can attempt to wash your screens down using a hose. You can utilize a nozzle attachment that has several settings to help erase dirt. 


For ultimately stubborn dirt, provide your screens some soapy, light washing and incorporate a mild bristle brush to actually remove the grime. You can use a toothbrush for this. Make sure to refrain from putting too much pressure on the screen since you do not want it to become out of shape or bent. This task could be difficult, however, a toothbrush could reach through and dissolve any grime that’s trapped in those little crevices, nooks, and holes. 

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